Gombrowicz en la Universidad, parte 2

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Gombrowicz en la Universidad, parte 2

El otro día les dejamos un seminario sobre Gombrowicz en la Universidad Jaguelónica de Polonia. Ahora, si les queda lejos, por ahí se quieren anotar en este otro de la U. de Chicago, dictado por Bozena Shallcross.

FNDL 26903. Gombrowicz: The Writer as Philosopher. 100 Units.
In this course, we dwell on Witold Gombrowicz the philosopher, exploring the components of his authorial style and concepts that substantiate his claim to both the literary and the philosophical spheres. Entangled in an ongoing battle with basic philosophical tenets and, indeed, with existence itself, this erudite Polish author is a prime example of a 20th century modernist whose philosophical novels explode with uncanny laughter. In contrast to many of his contemporaries, who established their reputations as writers/philosophers, Gombrowicz applied distinctly literary models to the same questions that they explored. We investigate these models in depth, as we focus on Gombrowicz’s novels, philosophical lectures, and some of his autobiographical writings. With an insight from recent criticism of these primary texts, we seek answers to the more general question: What makes this author a philosopher?

Instructor(s): Bozena Shallcross

Terms Offered: Winter
Note(s): All readings in English.
Equivalent Course(s): REES 21000,ISHU 29405,REES 31000